Swami Shri Adgadanand Ji Maharaj

Swami Shri Adgadanand Ji Maharaj came to the recluse of the worldly saint Paramanand Ji at the age of 23 years in November 1955 searching for the truth. The hermitage of Parmanand Ji was at Chitrakoot Anusuiya, Satna, Madhya Pradesh (India) amidst the dense forests infested with wild animals. Living in such inhabitable forest in the absence of any facility, this rightly reflects that he was a great sage.

Reverend Paramhans Ji received premonitions of his arrival many years ago. The day he reached the ashram, Paramhans Ji received divine presage.

He had declared to his disciples, “A young man who is ardently seeking to go beyond the periodicity of life must be coming at any moment now.” Moment he cast his eye upon him, Paramahans Ji declared, “Here he is!”

Whenever a pupil comes in contact with a great sage, immediately it is beyond his senses to fathom the greatness of the sage. He was also intimated by the divine soul and chaste Brahmin, “The sages who have been incarnated in this world, your Guru has all those qualities and he is such sage. With the strengthening of his faith in the Guru his spiritual pursuit also speeded up.

Guided under the angelic guidance of the Guru he set out on the path of spiritual freedom. The aim was established.

Maharaj Ji, although was not interested in writing, following the godly directions he has contributed invaluable treatises through speech and in text for the social good. The first such publication is ‘Jeevanadarsh and Atmaanubhooti’ – is an account of the ideal life and the spiritual pursuit of his Guru Paramhans Paramanand Ji. It is a collection of his life sketch and many astonishing incidents. Many of the people are even alive today, who have seen such unique personality and for that matter they consider themselves very lucky. Secrets of the techniques of spiritual pursuits, which have been revealed to him by the Guru, have also been included in this book. It is one of the most appraised and invaluable books in today’s world, on the subject of spiritualism, which could only be perceived by the student on the path of attainment of spiritualism.

The divine direction has become instrumental in the creation of this book. Since the thought, promulgated by the Yogeshwar Lord Krishna have been expressed in their simple rudimentary form, it is called ‘Yatharth Geeta’.

Only a contemporary saint can find true solution for the social good, answers to their questions and solve their problems. The dead do not rule from the graves. To have reverence for the departed and take guidance from them to certain extent may be alright, however, for the contemporary problems, we need to take guidance from some great living saint only.

Swami Ji has never advanced claim that he has attained divinity. He merely presents to the society, what he has been able to receive in his quest of Truth.

Swami Ji has spent fifteen years of his life in deep meditation in proximity of his Guru. There are many present who have seen him forgoing food, water, sleep, etc. for months together.

Since the Nirvana of Gurudev in 1969, for the last thirty years, wherever Swami Ji stayed, several cloistered holy people, thousands of devotees from the regions and plenty of grief-stricken people had a unique opportunity to regularly interact with him and seek his blessings. Making necessary uninterrupted, arrangements for the people travelling from very long distance of free service of snacks, food and rest without even seeking help from others is certainly a miraculous feat.

श्री हरी की वाणी वीतराग परमहंसो का आधार आदि शास्त्र गीता – संत मत – १०-२-२००७ – तृतीय विश्व हिन्दू परिषद् – विश्व हिन्दू सम्मेलन दिनाक १०-११-१२-१३ फरवरी २००७ के अवसर पर अर्ध कुम्ब २००७ प्रयाग भारत में प्रवासी एवं अप्रवासी भारतीयों के विश्व सम्मेलन के उद्गाटन के अवसर पर विश्व हिन्दू परिषद् ने ग्यारहवी धर्म संसद में पारित गीता हमारा धर्म शास्त्र है प्रस्ताव के परिप्रेक्ष्य में गीता को सदेव से विधमान भारत का गुरु ग्रन्थ कहते हुए यथार्थ गीता को इसका शाश्वत भाष्य उद्घोषित किया तथा इसके अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मानव धर्म शास्त्र की उपयोगिता रखने वाला शास्त्र कहा | – अशोक सिंहल – अंतर्राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष.

श्री काशीविद्व्त्परिषद – भारत के सर्वोच्च श्री काशी विद्व्त्परिषद ने १-३-२००४ को “श्रीमद भगवद्गीता” को अदि मनु स्मृति तथा वेदों को इसी का विस्तार मानते हुए विश्व मानव का धर्म शास्त्र और यथार्थ गीता को परिभाषा के रूप में स्वीकार किया और यह उद्घोषित किया की धर्म और धर्मशास्त्र अपरिवर्तनशील होने से आदिकाल से धर्मशास्त्र “श्रीमद भगवद्गीता” ही रही है | – गणेश दत्त शास्त्री – मंत्री और आचार्य केदारनाथ त्रिपाठी दर्शन रत्नम वाचस्पति – अध्यक्ष

विश्व धर्म संसद – World Religious Parliament

३-१-२००१ – विश्व धर्म संसद में विश्व मानव धर्मशास्त्र “श्रीमद भगवद्गीता” के भाष्य यथार्थ गीता पर परमपूज्य परमहंस स्वामी श्री अड़गड़ानन्द जी महाराज जी को प्रयाग के परमपावन पर्व महाकुम्भ के अवसर पर विश्वगुरु की उपाधि से विभूषित किया.

२-४-१९९७ – मानवमात्र का धर्मशास्त्र “श्रीमद भगवद्गीता” की विशुध्द व्याख्या यथार्थ गीता के लिए धर्मसंसद द्वारा हरिद्वार में महाकुम्ब के अवसर पर अंतर्राष्ट्रीय अधिवेशन में परमपूज्य स्वामी श्री अड़गड़ानन्द जी महाराज को भारत गौरव के सम्मान से विभूषित किया गया.

१-४-१९९८ – बीसवी शताब्दी के अंतिम महाकुम्भ के अवसर पर हरिद्वार के समस्त शक्रचार्यो महामंद्लेश्वारों ब्राह्मण महासभा और ४४ देशों के धर्मशील विद्वानों की उपस्थिति में विश्व धर्म संसद द्वारा अंतर्राष्ट्रीय अधिवेशन में पूज्य स्वामी जी को “श्रीमद भगवद्गीता” धर्मशास्त्र (भाष्य यथार्थ गीता) के द्वारा विश्व के विकास में अद्वितीय योगदान हेतु “विश्वगौरव” सम्मान प्रदान किया गया | – २६-०१-२००१ – आचार्य प्रभाकर मिश्रा – Chairman (Indian Region).

माननीय उच्च न्यायालय – इलाहाबाद का एतहासिक निर्णय

माननीय उच्चन्यायालय इलाहाबाद ने रिट याचिका संख्या ५६४४७ सन २००३ श्यामल रंजन मुख़र्जी वनाम निर्मल रंजन मुख़र्जी एवं अन्य के प्रकरण में अपने निर्णय दिनांक ३० अगस्त २००७ को “श्रीमद भगवद्गीता” को समस्त विश्व का धर्मशास्त्र मानते हुए राष्ट्रीय धर्म्शात्र की मान्यता देने की संस्तुति की है | अपने निर्णय के प्रस्तर ११५ से १२३ में माननीय न्यायालय में विभिन गीता भाष्यों पर विचार करते हुए धर्म, कर्म, यज्ञ, योग आदि को परिभाषा के आधार पर इसे जाति पाति मजहब संप्रदाय देश व काल से परे मानवमात्र का धर्मशास्त्र माना जिसके माध्यम से लौकिक व परलौकिक दोनों समृद्धि का मार्ग प्रशस्त किया जा सकता है |

What were the inner feelings and emotions of Shri Krishn when he preached the Geeta? All inner feelings cannot be expressed in words. Some can be told, some are expressed through the body language, and the rest are to be realised which can only be understood by a seeker through experiences. Only after attaining the state which Shri Krishn had been to, an accomplished teacher knows what Geeta says. He simply does not reiterate verses of the Geeta but, in fact, gives experiences to the inner feelings of the Geeta. This is possible because he sees the same picture which was there when Shri Krishn preached the Geeta. He therefore, sees the real meaning, can show it to us, can evoke the inner feelings and would lead us on the path of enlightenment. Rev. Shri Paramhansji Mahraj was also an enlightened teacher of such a level and the compilation of his words and blessings to grasp the inner feelings of the Geeta itself is the ‘Yatharth Geeta”

This Geeta contains the complete description of the dynamic meditational system of the research that gives attainment to the self, which is the complete spirituality of India and also the basic source of the prevailing religions of the whole world. It further concludes that the Supreme Being is one, the action attain is one, the Grace is one and the result, too is one and that is the vision of the Supreme Being, attainment of godliness and eternal life. (Refer Yatharth Geeta)

The Scripture:
A compilation of precepts of the active discipline that provides access to the Supreme Being is what a scripture is. Having this in view, the Geeta to which Shri Krishn has given utterance is faultless treatise of the external, immutable, religion (dharm), and stands by itself for the four veds, the upanishads, the sacred theory of yog, and the Ram Charit Manas, as also for all the other holy books of the world. For the entire mankind, the Geeta is an irrefutable embodiment of the righteousness

Gods Abode:
The Omnipotent, Immortal God abides in the heart of man, there is an ordained way of seeking refuge in him with intentness, for only in him one can a soul attain to a permanent shelter, everlasting peace, and eternal life.

The Message:
Truth is never extinct at anytime-past, present or future, and the unreal has never any being. God is the only reality, eternal and immutable.

Source : http://www.yatharthgeeta.com/


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